History of the Ministry

History of the Ministry- From “Open Gym”, to “Nothing But Net Inc”

“Open Gym” was first established in 1992, when a good friend of ours, Bill Gumtow approached Kurt with a ministry idea. “How about opening up a gym for the guys in the community to come in and play basketball, and then we can share the Gospel with them?” We began with one water cooler, a couple of basketballs, two men, their Bibles and a passion to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a community. The guys from the community starting coming in, and we would feed them and give a short devotion somewhere in the middle of food and basketball. They started bringing their friends, siblings, girlfriends, neighbors, and soon whole families started to come. We fed a lot of people hot dogs, nachos, soda and water. As we developed relationships with those that came, we began to see a great need for many resources such as food, clothing, bus fair, counseling and many other things. So we started meeting individual needs as we could on our own and God provided. Kurt used his skills as a mechanic to fix cars for people who came with car problems. Tammy would counsel people while preparing food and watching her daughter in the kitchen. We started doing Counseling in 1995, a Sunday Evening Bible Study in 1998, a food and clothing pantry in 2002, and started an AWANA’s kids program in 2011. In 2010, though, is when we became an official 501c3 non-profit called Nothing But Net Inc. We were already getting many donations by that point, but becoming an official not-for-profit would allow individual donors to receive tax benefits, and open the door for us to receive corporate donations. We’re now able meet more needs for more people because of it.