Couple and Marriage Mentoring

If you would like to consider couple or marriage counseling we would be glad to help. We are not licensed counselors but people who love and follow Jesus. We only have Him and His Word to offer; good thing He is more than enough. If you are not married but are considering it we would love to help. We do not believe in dating just to date. We believe that the goal of entering romantic relationships should be marriage, and if you’re not married then you shouldn’t cohabitate or live with the benefits of marriage without the responsibility. We don’t condemn those who cohabitate, but encourage everyone to do relationships God’s way. If you are married but need counseling we would love to help. God hates divorce, and loves marriage. With that in mind we believe that He provides everything necessary for a marriage to work. It’s just up to the couple to come to terms with Gods will for their marriage and we would like to help guide you there. Contact us so we can work something out.